30/30 – Days 24, 25, 26,27 and 28


Friday 24th October

Greetings from London
hooped early this morning in my bedroom before daybreak with my beautiful new hoop that I bought yesterday.
Wow, what a session, I found myself in a wonderful new hooping zone, tricks I’d been struggling to do before just happened with this new hoop, it was like magic.

dot org – thanks for the 24 info, very interesting
Janet – have fun on your scooter
Jenny – your Friday dance partner sounds amazing
Sarah – your hooping across the midnight time zone dilemma made me laugh
Mindy – have fun at the flash mob with your flouncy skirt, it sounds great
Jennifer – happy birthday for yesterday
Sandra – ball play and hooping at the same time sounds impressive
Crixx – you’re amazing

Hope you’re all having a great time we’ve just 6 days to go, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 24 challenge check in on facebook


Well a few words about my new hoop wouldn’t go amiss.
It appears that I’m in love again, in love with a circle again, in love with the feeling of being in the circle again.
This new hoop is really just like magic.
I’m supposing that the fun I’m having may have a thing or two do with the huge amount of playtime that I’ve put into the enjoyment of this craft.
I guess it may have a fair amount to do with the number of hours I’ve devoted to doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

I think you get the message.

Not only am I delighted to be able to do things with it that I’ve been working on for ages, I’m surprised by how different it feels to spin in this new tube of plastic.

Ooh ooh ooh, I experienced something new this morning too.
I woke up while it was still dark with an urge to try out my new toy in my bedroom.
In the comfort of my room, no clothes, no music, no distractions, no interruptions I found myself in the zone.
It felt good.
It felt really good.
It felt great.

In this new place I made a discovery.
My new hoop was talking to me.
Yes it did, it talked to me.
It whistled with a delicious harmony that resounded in tune with my shoulder breaks and reversals.
I’ve never heard the sound before and I’m guessing my new hoop was displaying its specific personality.

Oh joy, a talking hoop, lucky me.

The harder I hooped the louder it whistled.
The faster I hooped the louder it whistled.
Surely I should have expected to pay more for a talking hoop.
Surely there should be some kind of special information that comes with a talking hoop.
I can only suppose that other people experience the same thing with this baby, I can only assume that the whistling accompaniment was just something that happened as a result of what I was doing with the thing I was doing it with.

Or was it?
Who knows?
Who cares?

It was fun, lots of fun and between you and me I’ve probably said quite enough about it now.



Saturday 25th October

Greetings from a chilly breezy London town
I’m so in love with my new magic hoop that I bought on Thursday.
Half an hour will never be enough with this baby, so I’m off to spin some more.
Ooh what fun.
Yay just five days to go, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 25 challenge check in on facebook


Not much to add, still in love with my new purchase, still in love with my new toy, still in love with spinning, still in love with my musical shoulder hooping, still in love with life.
Does it get better than this?
I think not.



Sunday 26th October

Greetings from London
I usually hoop in my local park on a Sunday morning but not today because I had a royal guest staying for the weekend, i.e. my daughter who lives a wonderful life away from London and well away from my hooping enthusiasm.
I did manage to persuade her admire my new hoop in action though which was fun, well at least it was fun for me.
More importantly I took advantage of her visit to share my new fun activity. Juggling!
I started juggling a couple of months ago to help my twin hoop coordination and I’m astonished at how much fun I’m having with it.
Amazingly my left side is sooooooo much better at throwing and catching and I’m convinced that it’s helping my hooping a huge amount.

Jenny – love your observations of ‘the stages’ I think you’re spot on
Che – ha ha you’re right, wings aren’t hoop friendly costume wear
Deborah – great mantra “keep on spinning, keep on spinning” I like it
Natasha – I share your excitement because this challenge has helped me get a grip on the flow of my second current too
Sandra – dog walking and hooping at the same time? Impressive!

wow everyone, we’re nearly there, four days to go, woo hoo!! CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 26 challenge check in on facebook



Yes my daughter is amazing. She supports my hobby and never complains about me showing her my new this and that with the circle. She is my inspiration and always has been even though she has no intention of being a circle lover like her mother which continues to be an admirable quality.

As for the juggling well I had to show her what I’ve been up to. I started in August and decided to give it a go in an effort to improve my coordination. I discovered that I love throwing the hoop and doing twin stuff which involves a fair amount of letting go and reconnecting with the circle and I discovered that often I succeeded with lots of moves until it was time to catch them and that was the time I lost it.

Also I decided to stop getting even a teeny weeny bit upset about so many people saying that hooping is a circus skill. I thought I might as well give another circus thing a go and started juggling for the dexterity benefits and for the fun of it.

My conclusion is that hooping makes me smile and juggling makes me laugh. I have no idea why but I find myself laughing out loud so many times in my attempts to control the simple things I’m trying to get my hands to do.

As for the left versus right thing, well I could say many things about that but I won’t. For now I’m going to settle with acknowledging that my left hand is now able to behave nearly like its right counterpart and I’m more surprised than anyone by the results of focus on simple things like throwing a ball a few inches in the air and catching it again.




Monday 27th October

Greetings from a glorious sunny day in London
my hooping mojo was in full swing this morning and without intending to, I got carried away.
Had the place to myself and went with the flow, just finished three hours mixing it up with a variety of hoops from my selection.
Their individual personalities led me to do soooooo many different things that I feel like I’ve travelled physically, emotionally and spiritually.
What a rush!
Time for lunch.

Janet – ‘odiferous’ – you’re hilarious
Sophie – hooping in the park after dark sounds like fun, I haven’t tried that yet but I’m going to soon
Jenny – elephants, pyjamas and multiple hoops – a wonderfully playful combo

Wow everyone, we’re nearly there, three days to go, woo hoo!!!
Have a fantastic day, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 27 challenge check in on facebook


Yes folks I actually hooped for three hours today.
It was crazy.
I could hardly stop myself, not that I even tried to, I was having fun and saw absolutely no reason to reign in the fun I was having. There would have been no point in that would there? That was a rhetorical question of course because I know the answer.

If it feels good, do it.

Just one of my mottos.



Tuesday 28th October

Greetings from London.
My home town was treated to a fabulously sunny day with gorgeous cloudless blue sky, not even a breeze just warm warm warm.
Entertained myself in the park with one of my naked polypros and had a party just me, my hoop, my music and my imagination.
A man smiled at me and shouted “You look like you’re having fun there!”
Of course I had to agree with him but I didn’t share what I was thinking about because that wouldn’t have been elegant or ladylike.

Janet – ooh you’re blessed with an excess of energy, managing to do oodles of housework plus hooping plus (considering) riding your new bike, I’m impressed
Sarah – thank you
Amber – ‘icky’ to ‘better’ is definitely the right way to go, well done
Deborah – ‘hooked enough to keep on going’ sounds like a result
Sandra – congratulations and thanks for sharing your secret…
Crixx – well done for switching it up, the variety is half the fun for me too
Mindy – I’m guessing your mind and body battle is over, they’ll connect big time tomorrow I’ll betcha
Nicole – and you all look soooooo  happy
Sophie – ‘hoopciting’ – great word
Jenny – stage four, five, six, seven…

Woah really only two days to go, only two days to go, no really, it can’t be only two days to go, really can it?
I think we’re all pretty amazing, every single one of us, bless you all, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 28 challenge check in on facebook



Maybe it’s taking part in this challenge that’s responsible but I’ve noticed I’m in a different place in my head when I’m playing.
I’m doing things without thinking about them. I’m drifting into moves unintentionally. I’m succeeding in moves that challenged me before.

Life is sweet.

Phew, that’s quite enough for today, thanks for joining me and I wish you a wonderful day of fun and laughter whatever you do.
Time for lunch, bless you all, CC xx

30/30 – Days 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23


Sunday 19th October

Greetings from a beautiful sunny Sunday in London.
A busy day yesterday meant that I woke up this morning with a major decision to make, to hoop in the park or buy food to eat later, hooping won.
That was hilarious until it occurred to me that I might regret it later when I was hungry, then realised I could do both.
Took my hoop shopping, bought food, chatted to a lady pushing her baby in a buggy on the way home, chatted to more dog walkers than usual in the park and kept out of the way of the rugby lads training on the other side of the field.
A deliciously gorgeous handsome jogger smiled and said hallo to me as he ran by, sending my knees into a bit of a quiver.
Spent far too long in the park but was having so much fun feeling progress with my one handed helicopter and handspins that I didn’t want to go home.
Love reading all your stories everyone, I think we’re all doing really well.
11 days to go, have fun and happy hooping, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 19 challenge check in on facebook


Yes folks I actually convinced myself that I had to make a decision between eating or hooping and hooping won.
I’m so glad I eventually worked out that I could do both, not to mention the small fact that going without food would have meant I wouldn’t be able to hoop anyway.
That’s just a small consideration of course.
I did make myself laugh though when I realised that I was probably losing some sense of reality by other people’s standards.
Then again I stopped being like other people a long long time ago.

Had a lovely chat with a lady pushing her cute little baby boy in a buggy on the way home from the early  morning supermarket shopping expedition.
She asked about hooping and said that she’s seen me at the park a few times during the summer.
Well of course there was no denying that, not even if I wanted to.
I love going to the park with my toys and if my presence inspires other people to give this wonderful activity a try then everybody wins.



Monday 20th October

Greetings fellow challengers, from London on a bright, clear and breezy day.
This shoulder hooping lark is so much fun.
I’m really glad I stopped telling myself that I couldn’t hoop in the ‘wrong’ direction.
Once I realised that there was no ‘wrong’ direction I set about changing my self-limiting beliefs and put in the playtime to change my experience.
Now I can shoulder hoop in both directions.
Yay, what a rush!

Kelley – I quite agree, I love morning hooping too
Josie – well done, it feels really great to get the hang of a hoop technique and you just want to keep doing it
CoCo – ‘Helicoper! Helicopter!’ that is so cute
Crixx – you’re an inspiration

Yes it’s true we’re 2/3rds the way through and it’s so satisfying to know that it’s “downhill all the way”.
Have a great day fellow downhill challengers, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 20 challenge check in on facebook


Well, I’ve discovered a lot about myself during this challenge, particularly as one of the things I decided to concentrate on was hooping in my ‘second current’ as it’s so lovingly called in the community.
I naturally spin the circles to the left and was happy with that until I discovered that there were things I wanted to try which entailed being able to spin the hoop in the other direction so I had to relearn right from the beginning it seemed.

Of course this was a little disheartening at first because it took me months to shoulder hoop as it was, so the thought of starting again wasn’t much fun but I decided to focus on the goal and now I feel like I’ve achieved it.
Wow, what a rush!
I used to say ‘I can’t’ and now I say ‘I can’.
Now that’s a result.




Tuesday 21st October

Greetings from a breezy (intermittently) sunny day in London
mostly foot hooping today, lying on my back changing feet, getting into a flow, enjoying the rhythm of the music, giving my body a rest after concentrating on so much shoulder stuff in the past few days.

Deborah – a cat playing in the leaves, ha ha sounds like me.
Holly – today is another day so pretty pretty pretty
Crixx – you’re not giving up on anything, you’re amazing, anyway it’ll be fun to focus on your LED twins
Janet – your foggy hooping sounds magical
Ady – totally agree, way more fun than sit ups
Che – “that’s what I did” hilarious! I think my hoop has a mind of its own too, I really think it does.

Wow we’re all doing so well, 9 days to go, have a good one, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 21 challenge check in on facebook


Yes I’ve mentioned foot hooping before, it is so much fun to be able to teach my feet to do things which seemed impossible a few months ago.
This hooping lark increases confidence in a multitude of ways and foot hooping is just one of them.




Wednesday 22 October

Greetings from London and it’s way past Cee Cee’s bedtime.
I’m still up because I’ve just returned home from a fantastic hooping tricks class with the amazing
Anna the Hulagan of London Hula Hoopers at a venue on the other side of town.
Was quite a trek for me and the journey was a bit of an adventure but soooooo worth it.
Had a great time, met some fab people and rocked to some fun music.
8 Days to go, have fun everyone, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 22 challenge check in on facebook


made a long journey to the other side of London to a new tricks class run by a wonderful teacher.
I’ve been to her classes before in South London but she’s changed her programme, so  I decided to try one of her other venues.
I’m glad I did, the journey was worth it, definitely.
I met some wonderful people, learned some cool stuff, strutted my stuff to some great music in a fantastic place with high ceilings and had a super duper time.

I talked briefly to Anna about a move I’ve been trying all summer and she suggested I have a go with her own hoop.
Woah! I did it!!
What a difference a hoop makes.
So all this time I thought it was me and it was the hoop after all.
I thought they said that a bad workman always blames his tools.
Well it appears that sometimes a change of tool can make for a better job.
I was hooked, I wanted, needed, craved a new hoop and thought about it all the way home.

Met a couple of chaps at a bus stop on Euston road while I waited for the bus home, they asked me for directions and one of them said that I look like his second wife.
Then he said, “I have to get rid of the first wife though!”
What a joker.



Thursday 23 October

Greetings from London
calm gentle hooping session today after a trip into town to buy myself a fancy new hoop, ooh what a treat.
I decided to go gently because I’m still feeling the effects after my class last night, so indulged myself at home later this afternoon with some silent isolations and meditative balancing.
Wow it felt really good.
7 days to go, have fun everyone, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 23 challenge check in on facebook


I’m not kidding I was worn out after yesterday’s adventures and I really shouldn’t have gone out travelling across town again just to buy a new hoop but I couldn’t get it out of my mind.
A sensible person would have bought it online or waited until another day.
I wasn’t being sensible so I didn’t choose either of those options.
I took myself to the circus shop and carried my purchase home. The trip to Camden did give me an opportunity to chat to a market stall holder who asked me about hooping when she saw me walk past with my red plastic circle. She described her attempts and difficulties, I offered suggestions, she felt better and said that she was inspired to try again.
There you go, job done.

Phew, that’s probably quite enough for now folks, thanks for visiting, thanks for reading and wishing you a wonderful day of fun and laughter.
Bye for  now, CC xx

30/30 – Days 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18


Tuesday 14th October

Greetings from London on this lovely day.
Woke up at 4, breakfast at 5, out for a walk at 6, hooped at home at 7 and finished by 8 ready for another breakfast!
I’ve always been a morning person and today I bounced out of bed with an urge to go for a walk before day break. I really enjoyed being out early.
Today’s first hooping session was much like yesterday all about the shoulders, shoulders, shoulders.
I’m glad I concentrated on shoulder hooping, I’m enjoying the feeling of some improvement. Not the whole time but that’s where my drill focus was, the rest was playing instead of practising.

Ady – hoop marks on the walls, how funny, I have those too
Che – I remember your sword hooping film from last week, it was impressive
Amber – happy birthday to your husband
Jamie – you sound like you’re doing brilliantly for someone who’s just started, I hooped at home for over a year before I ventured outside, so well done.

Have a great day everyone, only 16 to go, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 14 challenge check in on facebook


Oh yes, I’ve always been a morning person and I felt like I’d done a day’s work before other people were thinking about what to do next. Yes I get up early but I go to bed early too because I really like my sleep and rarely sacrifice it for, well anything really.

I laughed when I read someone else’s update that said she had ‘hoop marks on the wall’. I laughed because my beautiful white walls and ceiling all have different coloured scuff marks from the impact of my different coloured hoops. Well I think it’s funny anyway.

Thankfully I’ve managed to contain my enthusiasm a bit more so now the interior of my home doesn’t seem to be suffering quite as much. Of course my outside play is a great help and gets my desire to throw the hoop out of my system.



Wednesday 15th October

Woo hoo what an amazing day, hooped after work and now off out with friends for the evening.
Yay, we’re all half way through the challenge, just 15 days to go, have fun everyone, Carole from London xx


A few words I shared for my day 15 challenge check in on facebook



Yes my day was amazing but every day is like an adventure for me anyway so that is pretty much how I express my feelings for my day and I do my best to reach for that and not allow the unexpected or the unnecessary to negatively affect my day.

Didn’t go out after all which was fine by me because I had the fun of chatting to my wonderful daughter on the phone and enjoyed spinning a few more circles before I went to bed.



Thursday 16th October

Greetings from sunny London well it is now after a rainy start to the day.
Shoulder hooping breakthrough today, I’m quite proud of myself.
Spinning in my second current was ‘suddenly’ easier today.
Not that sudden really I’ve been working on this baby for months!
Anyway, I discovered that it was easier when I realised that I wasn’t counting just hooping.
Woo hoo! What a rush.

Ady – yay, your current shoulder hooping story sounds like mine, it feels great doesn’t it?
Tina – hooping in the dark, awesome!
Crixx – last few weeks and still energy to hoop, you’re a star
Susan – your mother sounds great
Jackie – ha ha palm spins feel like magic don’t they?
Nicole – I’m guessing cat, hoop, mug, smiling and love. Am I close?

Wow, I feel like I’m sharing this challenge with an amazing bunch of people, I love reading about how we’re all doing this together.
Bless you all, 14 days to go, Carole xx


A few words I shared for my day 16 challenge check in on facebook


Well, my intention is not to focus my blog attention on hooping challenges, achievements or frustrations but I feel the urge to share a few words about this shoulder hooping lark. It’s awesome!
For me the mindset had to change before I could even attempt to do what I can do now. I’m thrilled to bits that I stopped telling myself that I can only spin the hoop in one direction.

Woo hoo now I can happily shoulder hoop to the left and to the right, now that’s a result. I’m telling myself that if I keep at it, I can only get better and better.

I’ve done the same in many areas of my life, relationships, work, health and now shoulder hooping. I told myself I could do it first, gave it time and attention and now look. What a rush!



Friday 17th October

greetings from sunny London everyone, weaves and isolations today will play with some foot hooping later, 13 days to go, have a lovely day, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 17 challenge check in on facebook


Oh yes I mentioned foot hooping a few days ago, I love being able to add this to my playtime because at least it gives my body a rest because if I get carried away my body lets me know.

Everything in moderation right?

My children started saying that to me because I said it to them so often when they were growing up.
Funny how they accept the wisdom of it now.
I’m blessed that they listened.



Saturday 18th October

Greetings from London on this glorious day.
Played with my hoop after work, great way to get and stay in the zone.
Wow this concentration on my shoulder hooping is really paying off, I’ve taken myself to a place I thought was impossible when I started and now I’m surprising myself.
Woo Hoo! I’m off to make some delicious food and getting excited about tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing. I just love that show.
Have a fabulous day everyone, 12 to go, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 18 challenge check in on facebook


To be fair I have no trouble getting ‘in the zone’ because I incorporated meditation into my life several years ago now so it’s just something that I do without having to make time for it, there’s always time for it.

I love noticing that the mind empties easily while hooping too, I guess all that concentration on keeping the thing going really helps.

Of course there has to be more to it than that because when I started I just got frustrated with not being able to control the plastic tube.

Once again, it’s not what you’re doing that matters, it’s how you feel about what you’re doing that makes the difference.

Well, that’s all for today folks, thanks for visiting and have a wonderful time whatever you do.
Bless you all and bye for  now, CC xx

30/30 – Days 10, 11, 12 and 13


Friday 10th October

Greetings from a beautiful sunny day in London
Discovered that I actually can do barrel rolls when I’m in the park and not even trying.
Woo hoo, what a rush.
When I try at home it’s a completely different story, so I’ll have to see what happens next time, perhaps the park success was a fluke.
I’m enjoying sharing this challenge, reading about other people’s fun, frustration, ups and downs.
We’re all in this together folks.
Sandra – happy anniversary for yesterday
Traci – I’m a fan of The Big Bang too, I just love that show
Crixx – you’re quite an inspiration
Ady – hooping after salsa, wow you must be really fit
Amy – free practice room wow, they sound like lovely generous people
Yay 20 days to go, have fun, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 10 challenge check in on facebook


Yes I was in the park, in the circle, in the zone when I discovered that quite unintentionally I was whirling around engrossed in my music doing barrel rolls seemingly without any effort at all.
This was quite a discovery for me because when I try them at home they are a bit of a challenge.

So what’s the difference I wondered? Well maybe the clue is in the word ‘try’.

Interesting how this applies to so many things.
When we ‘try’ to make things happen they seem a long time in coming but when we let go, relax and allow things to happen, then they just appear in our lives.

This is a clear message I’ve learned on my spiritual path and I’m grateful for it and love how my love of hooping is a true demonstration of what I’ve learned all thanks to Abraham-Hicks



Saturday 11th October

Greetings from a warm evening in London hooped after work and now I’m off to watch Strictly Come Dancing.
I love that show, it’s just the best entertainment on television and another reason that I love this time of year.
19 days to go everyone, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 11 challenge check in on facebook


I like to think that I’m Strictly Come Dancing’s biggest fan but I somehow I think that may not be something I can prove.
I love the show and am totally devoted to it each year that it comes on our television.
I love the razzamatazz of it, I love the spectacle of it, I love the glitter, the sequins, the creativity, oh yes and the dancing is great.

I find it funny that even though I watch it avidly, devoted to the weekend shows and the weekday extra snippets of information and training footage, by the time the series finishes, I can barely remember who was on it.

By the following year I sometimes even forget who won the year before.
How is that even possible?

I guess that’s a by-product of living in the moment, being present and letting go of the past.
Seriously folks, if that’s the reason why I don’t recall stuff, then that’s fine by me.



Sunday 12th October

Greetings from London on this beautiful sunny autumn day.
I love Sunday mornings and really found my hooping groove in the park this morning before the rugby boys arrived.
They churn the grass up something fierce, which makes sense I suppose because they’re running around with studded boots on wet grass.
Had a chat with a dog walker I see regularly who wanted to tell me about a hooping competition she watched on TV and the show made her think of me. Ah how sweet.
I adore hooping outside and I’m getting in as much one handed helicopter practice as I can before the cold weather sets in.
I drop the hoop a lot doing this trick and there’s certainly no room at home for the amount of space I seem to need to TRY and do it.
I’ve been working on this move all summer, thanks to an amazing Lisa Lottie tutorial.
I really really want to be able to do it and it’s really really hard, so it’s taking me a really really long time but I really really don’t care because one day it will feel really really awesome.

I’m still enjoying this challenge and I love reading about how other hoopers are getting on.
Dot org – thanks for the info on the significance of the number 12, I might check out some of those magical references, they sound interesting.
Philo – dancing and hiking on the same day, wow that’s impressive.
Kristin – perhaps no room to hoop on your flight to India but the locals will love it when you arrive. Have fun.
Rachel –hooping in the foothills, the scenery looks beautiful around you in your lovely picture.
Crixx – love the hooping hanger, very creative.
Hannah – ooh you went Disneyland, I’ll bet you had a great time. I’ve never been but would love to go and I’m sure that if we had one in London I’d probably go every week!

Like I said before, we’re all in this together folks. I think we’re all amazing, 18 days to go, bless you all, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 12 challenge check in on facebook


Oh yes I do love Sunday mornings, I’ve always been a morning person, a character trait which was unacknowledged by me until I tried two month stretches of night duty ward allocations during my nurse training many moons ago.

I couldn’t work out why I was having such a hard time adjusting to the temporary timetable when my colleagues seemed to have no problems at all. Sleeping during the day was not working for me, so throughout the ordeal I felt worse and worse. Of course there was a certain amount of catching up which could be done during my days off but I was young, sociable and very active and didn’t really want to waste my days off by sleeping my way through them.

Somewhere along the line I attended a sleep seminar and a sleep workshop, they were a revelation to me. I understood more about the magic of sleep and I understood more about myself.

Then I discovered the Teachings of Abraham and the Law of Attraction and I learned not only the effects of sleep but the true meaning of sleep.

I have never compromised on sleep again, not once.

As for my one handed helicopter, well what can I say, I look forward to the day I can do it because even in this experimental, learning stage it feels like it wants to be my move already.

I’m eternally grateful to the fantastic Lisa Lottie, a star in her own right, who collaborated with the wonderful Deanne Love of Hooplovers and presented a one handed helicopter tutorial which set me off on the road to feeling more love for my hooping.
Let me say I still find it amazing that I could love this hobby more than I do but I keep coming across new dimensions to this circle creativity and I feel blessed.



Monday 13th October

Greetings from a wet and windy London town.
Today I had a session where it was all about the shoulder folks, shoulders, shoulders, shoulders.
I’m going for less wobble and more flow in both directions.
Let’s just say, it’s a work in progress.
Thanks to everyone for posting, your stories are wonderfully inspiring and entertaining.
Judy – 5 hours of hooping in the street with a giant hoop, wow!
Becca – sunset hooping sounds magical
Rachel – well done for teaching yourself a needle and wool skill, perhaps you’ll crochet and hoop at the same time one day.
Nicole – your long exposure picture is simply beautiful, you look like you’re in a bubble
Gennie – love your shy salsa partner idea, I had fun visualising that.
Sarah – you’re right, it’s never too late to start playing and that’s my excuse when my adult children tell me to grow up!
This challenge is quite a commitment and I think we’re all amazing for taking part.
Woo hoo! 17 days to go, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 13 challenge check in on facebook



So when I started hooping I was incredibly proud of myself for being able to keep the circle thing going at all.
Then I learned how to hoop around my shoulders.
It took me months to get the hang of it but I got there.
Again I was immensely proud of myself for accomplishing something that seemed impossible for me at first and I only kept going because other people seemed to be able to do it, so why not me?

Then I saw people hooping in both directions not just on their waist but on the shoulders too. I tried it, couldn’t do it and didn’t bother any more.
I mean really, what was the point?
Why did I need to be able to hoop in both directions anyway?
I could already spin it in one direction so surely that was enough wasn’t it?

Like I said I was proud of myself for what I’d already achieved and didn’t see any sense in making myself feel less than wonderful by wishing I could do something I couldn’t.
Anyway, my excuse was that I don’t write with both hands so why should I force myself to hoop in both directions.

Well all of that was okay until I came across ‘breaks and paddles’.


They not only looked cool but I was convinced that they’d feel really great to do. So that was my reason for wanting to learn them.

It was back to the drawing board for me, I reset my brain to beginner mode and started training myself to hoop in my second current as it’s lovingly called in the hoopdance world.

What can I say? After months and months and months of trying, trying and trying as well as remembering to maintain my enthusiasm and not allow frustration to make an appearance, I can now shoulder hoop in both directions. What a rush!!!

Ooh now I’m so excited I want to go and shoulder hoop for a while.

Back soon, thanks for visiting and happy hooping everyone, CC xx

30/30 – Days 6, 7, 8 and 9


Monday 6th October

Greetings from London it’s a cold one here today folks, raining on and off which doesn’t bother me because I love the sound of it and I adore hooping in the rain.
I like the day 6 suggestion for meditation inspired hooping, so I’ve done some sessions of repeated shoulder, waist and leg hooping which really feels meditative especially to the music of
Sacred Earth Then I get into a flow and I’m not thinking about how I’m doing anything, or what I’m going to do next, I’m just in the zone and everything just is.
This 30/30 is so much fun, I love reading other people’s stories.
Ciao for now fellow challengers, love from CC xx

A few words I shared for my day 6 challenge check in on facebook


I feel blessed to have discovered that hooping is a meditation and I love the effects of getting into a flow and not thinking about stuff. It’s a wonderful state to of mind to get into and I enjoy giving myself the gift of taking the opportunity to experience this joy when I feel that way inclined.

As for the rain, like I said before, it just doesn’t bother me. As part of my learning about how the world works on my spiritual journey, I stopped carrying an umbrella several years ago and have never changed my mind about that decision.

Occasionally I remember the beautiful designs which are available on umbrellas and how they can be a pretty accessory but apart from that I hardly think about them. Besides, as far as accessories go, I’m more of a scarf girl.


Tuesday 7th October

Greetings from London on a beautiful, clear day.
I mostly concentrated on weaves and variations today, thanks to amazing tutorials from Deanne Love of
Hooplovers .
Big hallo to the lady who posted yesterday that her husband danced and juggled along with her while she hooped. How amazing is that? I thought it was great.
Have fun on your date Jennifer!
Sophie hooping by the sea to the sound of waves, wow that sounds magical!
Sarah, hope your ear feels better soon.
This is all so much fun, 23 days to go, have a super duper day everyone, CC xx

A few words I shared for my day 7 challenge check in on facebook


I’ve really been enjoying reading about other people’s thoughts as we share this challenge with each other around the world. It’s turning out to be quite a bonding experience.

I laughed when I read an update from a woman who said that her husband was dancing and juggling beside her while she hooped. I quietly thought to myself that she’s hit the jackpot to have a husband who can dance and has a playful side expressed by his juggling too. I may have to add that to list of the ideal partner.

The lady who said that she was hooping by the sea to the sound of waves made me think of taking myself off to the seaside for some circle time. I know that would be fun. I went to Bournemouth a couple of years in December, just because I wanted to be on the beach. The taxi driver and hotel receptionist thought I was crazy but it turned out to be a good plan. The sky could not have been bluer and I practically had the beach to myself apart from the odd dog walker in the distance. That was before my hooping days so maybe I’ll go again and take my toys with me. Perhaps not in December though!


Wednesday 8th October

Greeting from London on a chilly, bright, breezy, mixture of rain and sunshine Autumn day.
Today’s first session was mostly dominated by foot hooping, which I love now that I can do it comfortably.
I lie on my back and read at the same time, which feels like fun. I
had no idea it was possible until I saw a girl standing up, spinning a hoop with her foot at a London Hula Hoopers class last year.
She seemed to do it for ages and she looked super chilled out. It looked like magic to me.
I practised for weeks because I really wanted to be able to do it and now I love it. Tutorials by Hoopsmiles were a great help.
This 30/30 challenge is so much fun and sharing it with people all over the world is really inspiring.

I mean really, playing ukeleles, midnight hooping, tap dancing, deer audience and so loving the “flying frog’s butt” reference, well said Janet, I hope none of us lose our ‘childish joy’!
22 days to go, have a great day everyone, CC xx

A few words I shared for my day 8 challenge check in on facebook


So about that foot hooper at the London class, it really did look like magic to me because I’d never seen it before and she looked so comfortable. Perhaps it might be fair to say that she seemed to be in a trance with her foot just doing what it seemed to do so well. She just stood up leaning against the ropes of the boxing ring (yes that’s right I said boxing ring) with one leg out straight behind her and the hoop went round and round and round and round and… You get the picture.

Anyway, I was impressed and spent weeks trying to get to the place where I could just stop hitting myself on the head with the hoop when it flew out of control. I’m glad I stuck with it. Foot hooping is fun. .


Thursday 9th October

Greetings from London on a wet, wet, very wet day, with a few claps of thunder and the associated flashes of lightening.
I stopped carrying an umbrella many years ago, so I dodged the downpours on my way to and from a restaurant for a long, long, laughing lunch with a dear friend.
We’re on the same page spiritually so we have fun for hours eating great food and enjoying each other’s company.
Hooped early at home and took two mini hoops with me to the restaurant.
Converted two people to the joys of hooping, both surprised themselves with how much fun it was. It took me days to learn what they were able to achieve in a couple of minutes.
Told them about the 30/30 and they want to be part of it next year.
This challenge is so much fun and I’m loving the stories.
I’ve always liked the number 9, thanks for sharing the symbolism.
Nellie – good luck with your first hoop demo, I’m sure they’ll love it.
Suzette – I’ve no idea what those moves are, they sound tricky so well done. B
ig shout to J, J and J… Janet – keep going with the escalator and foot hooping, it’s so worth it and soon you won’t need the safety goggles!
Jennifer – the deer you hang out with obviously have good taste.
Jenny – sequences with three hoops! I’m impressed. Hey, I had fun with a family of squirrels in my local park too, in the spring early one morning before anyone else was around, four of them came out to watch me and their beady eyes were adorable.
21 days to go everybody, bless you all, CC xx

A few words I shared for my day 9 challenge check in on facebook


Well what can I say, it was a great day. My lunch was amazing as ever with my wonderful friend in a fantastic restaurant. We were there for about five hours and laughed so much that the time just disappeared without even noticing. The Jasmine tea is always a favourite of mine and the salads are exquisite. Just for a change they had a brussel sprout and onion stir fry which I knew I’d enjoy because the food is delicious every time I eat there.

I took a couple of 24inch hoops just for the fun of it and just waited to see if anyone felt inspired to have a go. I wasn’t disappointed. One of the staff had her introduction to twin hooping and took to it with very little effort as far as I could see.

It took me days to do what she managed to achieve. She said it was easier for her because I was right there with her, showing her what to do and perhaps my learning from on line material is a bit harder. Never mind, I’m grateful that the tutorials exist.

Someone else spun one hoop around her wrist, enjoyed the sensation of it and giggled with surprise. It was a joy to watch.

About those squirrels, one day I went to my local park early, very early to hoop and there was no one else around. I spotted a squirrel on a wall. It stopped and looked at me for a minute then disappeared into a gap in the bricks. Moments later another three came out and all four of them stood on the wall staring at me. I thought they were absolutely beautiful and their dark beady eyes looked so knowing. It was quite a moment for me.

Phew, that’s enough for now folks, back when the mood takes me, bless you all and have a great day, CC xx

30/30 – Days 3, 4 and 5


Friday 3rd October
Greetings from sunny London it’s a glorious day, cloudless blue sky, woke up to the sound of blue tits singing in my garden and feasting on the seeds in my bird feeder.
Not bad for someone who lives in England’s capital city.
Hooped today’s session this morning in the park and had a wonderful time as ever.
Chatted to the guy who clears the rubbish in the park every day.
Saw a guy watching me from a distance then he came over to chat, asked lots of questions about hooping, complimented me and he was impressed when I told him about the world wide 30/30 challenge.
Chatted to a guy whose adorable 12 week old puppy ran over to the hoop and wouldn’t let go, bless him.
Okay Philo, three things I like about the challenge are sharing with people who adore hooping, reading about people who adore hooping, sharing this sense of achievement with others who adore hooping.
What an amazing third day, this is so much fun.
27 days to go, woo hoo!
Have a great day everyone, Carole aka CC xx

Those were the words for my Day 3 facebook check-in


My session in the park was wonderfully eventful. Had a quick chat with the chap who cleans the park. I was surprised to see him because we’ve only bumped into each other before on Sunday mornings. Anyway it turns out that he’s there every day which really surprised me because I’m often there during the week too but I have no set routine, so seeing anyone on any day is just a matter of chance.
Or is it…

I was spinning in the middle of the field somewhere between the two rugby pitches when I noticed a chap some distance away, leaning against his bicycle, looking in my direction. I stopped, I waited, he cycled towards me and we had the most delightful conversation for quite a few minutes.

He said he’s seen me many times and noticed that I was ‘unpredictable’ with the days and times that I go there. I laughed because between you and me, I made a conscious decision a few years ago to be less predictable but perhaps more about that in another post.

He was polite, attentive and charming and seemed particularly interested in hooping. Although he was wonderfully complimentary he seemed to be under the misunderstanding that I am a rarity because “no one else does this!”

Well I had to enlighten him and I enjoyed his surprise when I told him about the world wide participation of the 30/30 challenge. He asked me to show him a hoop trick and I was happy to oblige. When he used the words ‘balance’ and ‘timing’ I was really impressed. I silently thanked the universe for sending me a wonderful man who is cheerfully chatty, listens attentively and speaks my language.

We talked for a while and it was fun but I’d gone to the park to play, not talk and wanted to get back into my flow, so I decided to wish him a nice day and off he went.

As soon as he’d cycled away I turned to find a puppy running straight for me. His poor owner didn’t stand a chance because the dog moved at quite a pace. He clamped my hoop in his teeth and refused to let go. His owner eventually caught up with him and prized his teeth away, then this cute canine clamped his teeth around the laces on my trainers. Luckily the man dealt with that too.

The man was most apologetic but I was too busy laughing and how could I be bothered by the most adorable, beautiful puppy in the world? He really was absolutely gorgeous and he let me stroke him which I suppose is easy when you’re only twelve weeks old.

By the time I came to post my facebook 30/30 challenge check in I was buzzing. I was having so much fun and sharing it with so many people, of course I was buzzing. The challenge organiser suggested that we say three things that we like about taking part and that was easy for me, adoring, sharing and achieving. What a day.


Day 4 Saturday 4th October

Greetings from London on Happy World Hoop Day, we’re currently enjoying a bright clear evening after a wet and still beautiful grey day.
Took a hoop to work this morning and indulged in some spinning, twirling and isopopping between clients with beautiful music by Sacred Earth as my inspiration.
It’s so much fun having a massive mirror in my reiki/massage room and I enjoyed today’s challenge very differently to when I’m at home or in the park.
Ooh this 30/30 project is so much fun and I love sharing this with so many wonderful and interesting people.
Yay 26 days to go, ciao for now, CC xx

Those were the words for my Day 4 facebook check-in


So I took a hoop to my therapy room, just a medium sized collapsible one to reduce the chances of being a menace on the bus. Hoops are not the easiest things to manage on public transport but perhaps more about some of those experiences another day.

At one point during the morning, a member of staff who works in the shop upstairs came down to see me with a message. When she saw the hoop her face lit up and she said,

“Oh yes I’ve been reading your stories about your hooping and the people you meet. I like reading them they keep me entertained.”

Well you could have knocked me down with the proverbial feather. This is a lovely lady who I’ve spoken to just a few times, perhaps seen once a week but we’d never had a conversation before. I knew nothing about her and had no idea that she was even aware of my Carole Chandler facebook page. I was overjoyed to discover that she was reads and likes my posts.

I enjoyed the advantage of a huge mirror to focus on isolations and weaves between clients and felt a different energy in my flow, probably greatly influenced by my choice of music on that day. I meditate to Sacred Earth music on a daily basis but don’t often hoop to it. I suppose I was in a reiki / massage frame of mind so had it in the background in my room and really enjoyed flowing differently.

divine devotion

The music of Sacred Earth is part of my daily life. There are selected tracks among the many of their albums in my collection, which I use for daily meditation and can always rely on them to bring me to the magical meditative state that I adore. I had the pleasure of meeting Prem and Jethro years ago when they were at London’s Mind Body Spirit festival and it would be an understatement to say that they made quite an impression on me.



Sunday 5th October

Greetings from London, woke up to a beautiful sunny blue sky this morning and after a quick breakfast was in the park by about 8 o’clock.
Quick chat with a few dog walkers who I often see on Sundays, they’re always really friendly and fascinated by the hoop.
When they left a few minutes later I had the whole park to myself and even though it was cold in the shade, today’s session was magical especially in the warmth of the occasional stream of sunshine between the trees.
When I go outside I love the space to work on tosses, I just love throwing my hoop in the air and achieving a sense of control on the descent.
This 30/30 challenge is so much fun, I mean where else do we get to share our passion with so many interesting people, including pregnant hoopers, sword hoopers and juggling hoopers?
The internet is a wonderful thing.
Yay 25 days to go, ciao for now, CC xx

Those were the words for my Day 5 facebook check-in


Sunday morning in the park has always been easy for me. Before I found my hooping groove I used to cycle in the common early on Sunday mornings or go for a walk but I’d invariably be out and about early.

The dog walkers I see regularly now are a trio of ladies who meet and chat while their dogs chase balls bring them back and chase after them again. Funny how dogs love doing that isn’t it?

art a bit 005

It was a cold day and the sun streamed through between the trees on parts of the grass. If you look closely at this picture you’ll see that there’s still frost on the dark parts of the green where the sun hasn’t warmed it up yet. That’s how early I was.

One of the reasons I go early on a Sunday to do what I do, where I do it, is because lads play rugby in the same park and while I’m sure they don’t mind me being there, it’s obviously more fun for me to have the park to myself before they arrive.

By this day 5 of the facebook check in, I’m so enjoying this whole thing that it seems like the entire world is doing it. I mean really, I’ve met someone juggling three hoops, someone hooping and dancing with a sword at the same time and someone while she’s growing a baby.

As if that isn’t enough I’ve met amazing people doing amazing things in other parts of the globe. Check this out Marseilles first Annual World Hoop Day

I might never have known anything about this demonstration of pure love and generosity it if not for this challenge.

Phew, that’s quite enough for today folks, I’m off to have a well-earned cup of tea. Bless you all and have a super duper day, CC xx

30/30 – Days 1 and 2

So the last day of September I was browsing the world wide web and I found myself on www.hooping.org (always a great place for hoop inspiration), when I saw the words OUR FALL 30/30 HOOPING FUN & FITNESS CHALLENGE:

The article said lots of wonderful things that grabbed my attention and when it mentioned the words ‘fun and love and support’ my immediate reaction was, “Hell yes, count me in!” Before I knew what I was doing and certainly without thinking it through, I’d added my name to the list and registered as a participant.

A few minutes later I had a little panic to myself and believe me, that isn’t something I do often. The panic was not about the hooping itself because I had no concerns at all about that. My hesitation was about checking in every day because anyone who knows me is used to the fact that I don’t go online every day. I can go for weeks without checking my emails and think nothing of going several days without logging on at all.

Anyway, I decided to just run with the initial response of how much it felt like a good idea and trusted that all would be well.


Wednesday 1st October
It’s a cool cloudy afternoon here in South London and the first session of my commitment to the 30/30 challenge passed quickly with a mixture of hooping stuff, while watching Gene, Donald and Debbie in ‘Singing in the Rain’. What a great movie. Woo hoo, 29 days to go, CC xx

Those are the words I shared for my Day 1 facebook check-in


So sometimes I hoop to music, sometimes in silence, sometimes I watch a film and the first day found me enjoying some fantastic dancing and singing in this great Gene Kelly movie. I’m also a Donald O’Connor fan and I’ve watched his ‘make ‘em laugh’ routine more times than I can remember. He’s brilliant. Time always passes quickly for me when I’m hooping and the 30 minutes part of the commitment is a doddle.

After I posted a few words for my confirmation of participation in the challenge, I discovered that I enjoyed reading about other people’s thoughts on the first day.

A thought came to me, hey, perhaps I might enjoy this.


Thursday 2nd October
It’s a beautiful bright sunny day here in London, gorgeous blue sky with a few fluffy clouds. Everything looks so pretty and I hooped today’s session at home before breakfast. Born in London, love holidays in the country but will always be a city girl. Became intoxicated with hooping about two years ago and make no apologies to anyone for how much I love it. My adult children have a thing or two to say about my hobby but never mind. It’s so much fun doing this challenge with so many interesting people, it’s really easy to feel inspired by people’s wonderful stories. 28 days to go, bless you all, CC xx

Those are the words I shared for my Day 2 facebook check-in


So on the second day I began the way I begin many a day, I bounced out of bed grabbed a hoop and started spinning before doing anything else. I always have hoops in my bedroom, so sometimes I’m hooping before I get out of bed! Trust me, trying to control the circle around your body on an unsteady surface is quite a task.

The challenge organiser suggested we share a few words about ourselves, which I thought was a great idea and added to the fun of reading about other people taking part in the project.

I realised that I’m beginning to really enjoy this and somehow it feels like we’re really sharing it with each other.

That’s enough for today folks, thanks for joining me here at the beginning of my October fun with other hoop fans taking part in this challenge.

More to come soon, have a great day, CC xx

hoop dreams

hi there everyone

well what can I say? Inspiration took hold of me and there was no stopping me. There is a divine hooping goddess in Melbourne Australia, who shares her love of hooping by posting weekly tutorials on line for the world to enjoy. I have already learned so much from her that I will always be eternally grateful.

Then I saw this film that she made called, ‘DIY How to make a hula hoop dream catcher’

I was hooked. Of course I had to make one.

catchers 004

I was so proud of myself it forced me to ask the obvious question.

Hey Carole, if you enjoyed making it so much why stop at one?
Why not make another one?
So I did!


catchers 003


The instructions use old t-shirts but I had none available so the purple is from a shawl which I was never going to wear (for one reason or another) and the red is left over from a skirt I made during the summer.
The beads are from a necklace I was going to throw away.
The feathers were easy to make but I didn’t feel inspired to add more so stopped at four.
The hoops were bought on line about a year ago and totally unsuitable for anything I do, so I was happy to use them here.
Once I started cutting I discovered that the shawl fabric was obviously not intending for slicing because it frays considerably, leaving strands of threads in all directions.

If you were to look closely (and I’m not suggesting that you do that for a moment) you will see that it lends the finished product with something of a wispy quality, which I find endearing and perhaps appropriate for the dream theme. The fact that I’m happy with them is a demonstration of how I’ve changed from insisting that everything be neat and perfect to appreciating the joy and fun of the whole project. I love them.

Thanks Deanne, you’re a star and an inspiration, bless you.

That’s all for today folks, sweet dreams, CC xx