30/30 – Days 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23


Sunday 19th October

Greetings from a beautiful sunny Sunday in London.
A busy day yesterday meant that I woke up this morning with a major decision to make, to hoop in the park or buy food to eat later, hooping won.
That was hilarious until it occurred to me that I might regret it later when I was hungry, then realised I could do both.
Took my hoop shopping, bought food, chatted to a lady pushing her baby in a buggy on the way home, chatted to more dog walkers than usual in the park and kept out of the way of the rugby lads training on the other side of the field.
A deliciously gorgeous handsome jogger smiled and said hallo to me as he ran by, sending my knees into a bit of a quiver.
Spent far too long in the park but was having so much fun feeling progress with my one handed helicopter and handspins that I didn’t want to go home.
Love reading all your stories everyone, I think we’re all doing really well.
11 days to go, have fun and happy hooping, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 19 challenge check in on facebook


Yes folks I actually convinced myself that I had to make a decision between eating or hooping and hooping won.
I’m so glad I eventually worked out that I could do both, not to mention the small fact that going without food would have meant I wouldn’t be able to hoop anyway.
That’s just a small consideration of course.
I did make myself laugh though when I realised that I was probably losing some sense of reality by other people’s standards.
Then again I stopped being like other people a long long time ago.

Had a lovely chat with a lady pushing her cute little baby boy in a buggy on the way home from the early  morning supermarket shopping expedition.
She asked about hooping and said that she’s seen me at the park a few times during the summer.
Well of course there was no denying that, not even if I wanted to.
I love going to the park with my toys and if my presence inspires other people to give this wonderful activity a try then everybody wins.



Monday 20th October

Greetings fellow challengers, from London on a bright, clear and breezy day.
This shoulder hooping lark is so much fun.
I’m really glad I stopped telling myself that I couldn’t hoop in the ‘wrong’ direction.
Once I realised that there was no ‘wrong’ direction I set about changing my self-limiting beliefs and put in the playtime to change my experience.
Now I can shoulder hoop in both directions.
Yay, what a rush!

Kelley – I quite agree, I love morning hooping too
Josie – well done, it feels really great to get the hang of a hoop technique and you just want to keep doing it
CoCo – ‘Helicoper! Helicopter!’ that is so cute
Crixx – you’re an inspiration

Yes it’s true we’re 2/3rds the way through and it’s so satisfying to know that it’s “downhill all the way”.
Have a great day fellow downhill challengers, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 20 challenge check in on facebook


Well, I’ve discovered a lot about myself during this challenge, particularly as one of the things I decided to concentrate on was hooping in my ‘second current’ as it’s so lovingly called in the community.
I naturally spin the circles to the left and was happy with that until I discovered that there were things I wanted to try which entailed being able to spin the hoop in the other direction so I had to relearn right from the beginning it seemed.

Of course this was a little disheartening at first because it took me months to shoulder hoop as it was, so the thought of starting again wasn’t much fun but I decided to focus on the goal and now I feel like I’ve achieved it.
Wow, what a rush!
I used to say ‘I can’t’ and now I say ‘I can’.
Now that’s a result.




Tuesday 21st October

Greetings from a breezy (intermittently) sunny day in London
mostly foot hooping today, lying on my back changing feet, getting into a flow, enjoying the rhythm of the music, giving my body a rest after concentrating on so much shoulder stuff in the past few days.

Deborah – a cat playing in the leaves, ha ha sounds like me.
Holly – today is another day so pretty pretty pretty
Crixx – you’re not giving up on anything, you’re amazing, anyway it’ll be fun to focus on your LED twins
Janet – your foggy hooping sounds magical
Ady – totally agree, way more fun than sit ups
Che – “that’s what I did” hilarious! I think my hoop has a mind of its own too, I really think it does.

Wow we’re all doing so well, 9 days to go, have a good one, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 21 challenge check in on facebook


Yes I’ve mentioned foot hooping before, it is so much fun to be able to teach my feet to do things which seemed impossible a few months ago.
This hooping lark increases confidence in a multitude of ways and foot hooping is just one of them.




Wednesday 22 October

Greetings from London and it’s way past Cee Cee’s bedtime.
I’m still up because I’ve just returned home from a fantastic hooping tricks class with the amazing
Anna the Hulagan of London Hula Hoopers at a venue on the other side of town.
Was quite a trek for me and the journey was a bit of an adventure but soooooo worth it.
Had a great time, met some fab people and rocked to some fun music.
8 Days to go, have fun everyone, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 22 challenge check in on facebook


made a long journey to the other side of London to a new tricks class run by a wonderful teacher.
I’ve been to her classes before in South London but she’s changed her programme, so  I decided to try one of her other venues.
I’m glad I did, the journey was worth it, definitely.
I met some wonderful people, learned some cool stuff, strutted my stuff to some great music in a fantastic place with high ceilings and had a super duper time.

I talked briefly to Anna about a move I’ve been trying all summer and she suggested I have a go with her own hoop.
Woah! I did it!!
What a difference a hoop makes.
So all this time I thought it was me and it was the hoop after all.
I thought they said that a bad workman always blames his tools.
Well it appears that sometimes a change of tool can make for a better job.
I was hooked, I wanted, needed, craved a new hoop and thought about it all the way home.

Met a couple of chaps at a bus stop on Euston road while I waited for the bus home, they asked me for directions and one of them said that I look like his second wife.
Then he said, “I have to get rid of the first wife though!”
What a joker.



Thursday 23 October

Greetings from London
calm gentle hooping session today after a trip into town to buy myself a fancy new hoop, ooh what a treat.
I decided to go gently because I’m still feeling the effects after my class last night, so indulged myself at home later this afternoon with some silent isolations and meditative balancing.
Wow it felt really good.
7 days to go, have fun everyone, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 23 challenge check in on facebook


I’m not kidding I was worn out after yesterday’s adventures and I really shouldn’t have gone out travelling across town again just to buy a new hoop but I couldn’t get it out of my mind.
A sensible person would have bought it online or waited until another day.
I wasn’t being sensible so I didn’t choose either of those options.
I took myself to the circus shop and carried my purchase home. The trip to Camden did give me an opportunity to chat to a market stall holder who asked me about hooping when she saw me walk past with my red plastic circle. She described her attempts and difficulties, I offered suggestions, she felt better and said that she was inspired to try again.
There you go, job done.

Phew, that’s probably quite enough for now folks, thanks for visiting, thanks for reading and wishing you a wonderful day of fun and laughter.
Bye for  now, CC xx