Getting Started

Okay so you want to give hooping a try and you have no idea where to start.
Well I’m offering a couple of suggestions here, if they appeal to you then great if they don’t then that’s fine too.
There are no hard and fast rules and different things work for different people so follow your intuition and you can’t go wrong.

Suggestion 1
Find a class, any hooping class, if there isn’t one near you then travel to one but go to a class.
There you will find a teacher, other enthusiasts and hoops, lots of hoops, so you can try before you buy.
Teachers often have used hoops at the class which they’ll sell on the night.
There is no point worrying about a few scuffs and marks here and there because the tape is going to get wrecked whatever you do, so a pretty shiny new one is unlikely to look pretty for long.
If you do decide to treat yourself to a plastic circle, then all you have to do it get it home and if you’re travelling by public transport that’s another story entirely.

Suggestion 2
You can buy a hoop on line, however before you even consider that I strongly urge you to consider suggestion 1
Seriously, buying your first hoop on line is filled with obstacles and if that’s your thing then go for it but I prefer to have some idea what I’m getting and asking someone who knows more than me is always a good way to go in my book.
A lot of online hoop vendors offer a phone number for you to call someone and chat about your requirements but as much as they can give great advice, THEY CAN’T SEE YOU
If you really want to buy your first hoop on line they will post it to you and you can at least learn to get to grips with waist hooping in the comfort of your own home, without the possible negative feelings of being a beginner, dropping it over and over and over again and being convinced that you’ll never get the hang of it which is a common feeling for many people.

Suggestion 3
Book a private lesson – If you don’t want to expose yourself to the initial learning stages in front of strangers then booking the time and space with a teacher is an option.
They’ll always bring a hoop to try, if you’re lucky they’ll bring a selection and often you can buy one from them

In London
teacher – Anna the Hulagan
class – London Hula Hoopers
shop – Oddballs in Camden

Outside London
teachers, classes and shops are everywhere, search engines may become your best friends

on line
purchase – several successful websites, too many to mention and I’m unable to recommend because I don’t buy hoops that way and my current total is twenty two
tutorials – you tube
inspiration and information – mega hooping facebook page and website

Just for fun How to Hula Hoop Rap Song

Whatever you do have fun, fun, fun, bless you all and have a super duper day, CC xx



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