not a teacher, not a performer, just a hoop lover, a newcomer, offering a warm and fuzzy view of my world from a joyful, loving, peaceful perspective, with a mission to entertain, inspire and uplift, adding a dash of personal experiences, a few sprinkles of insight, oodles of appreciation, lashings of positivity, with optional laughter, fun and happiness and the unavoidable spiritual edge.

I transformed my life when I changed the way I think and as a happy by product strangers positively changed the way they respond to me.
I started this blog as somewhere to share my many hoop related encounters  with strangers.
I love demonstrating how wonderful people can be and how they’re inspired by the plastic circle. Often just seeing one gets them talking even before they see it in action.
I chat about talking to strangers on my  Carole Chandler facebook page but I was getting carried away with the hoop stuff so developed this as another outlet for literary hoop inspired expression

1. I am often happy for no justifiable reason.
2. I believe in the power of appreciation and love and am happy to accept that both are unlimited.
3. My passion for hula hooping may override all sensibility.

Carole is likely to be found somewhere in London indulging in one of her many passions – dancing, painting, smiling, walking, writing, meditating, eating, laughing, hula hooping and talking to strangers. In her spare time Carole enjoys helping individuals reclaim their inner peace and emotional harmony by the magic of reiki and massage.

Carole Chandler’s publications:
I Talk to Strangers – upstairs and downstairs – ISBN 9 781 452 567 044
I Talk to Strangers – here, there and everywhere – ISBN 9 781 452 567 013
I Talk to Strangers – to be sure, to be sure, to be sure – ISBN 9 781 452 566 986

Facebook: happy hooping related fun and laughter
Cee Cee the Happy Hooper – facebook

Facebook: author inspiration
Carole Chandler – facebook


Have a great day everyone, CC xx


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