30/30 – Days 24, 25, 26,27 and 28


Friday 24th October

Greetings from London
hooped early this morning in my bedroom before daybreak with my beautiful new hoop that I bought yesterday.
Wow, what a session, I found myself in a wonderful new hooping zone, tricks I’d been struggling to do before just happened with this new hoop, it was like magic.

dot org – thanks for the 24 info, very interesting
Janet – have fun on your scooter
Jenny – your Friday dance partner sounds amazing
Sarah – your hooping across the midnight time zone dilemma made me laugh
Mindy – have fun at the flash mob with your flouncy skirt, it sounds great
Jennifer – happy birthday for yesterday
Sandra – ball play and hooping at the same time sounds impressive
Crixx – you’re amazing

Hope you’re all having a great time we’ve just 6 days to go, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 24 challenge check in on facebook


Well a few words about my new hoop wouldn’t go amiss.
It appears that I’m in love again, in love with a circle again, in love with the feeling of being in the circle again.
This new hoop is really just like magic.
I’m supposing that the fun I’m having may have a thing or two do with the huge amount of playtime that I’ve put into the enjoyment of this craft.
I guess it may have a fair amount to do with the number of hours I’ve devoted to doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

I think you get the message.

Not only am I delighted to be able to do things with it that I’ve been working on for ages, I’m surprised by how different it feels to spin in this new tube of plastic.

Ooh ooh ooh, I experienced something new this morning too.
I woke up while it was still dark with an urge to try out my new toy in my bedroom.
In the comfort of my room, no clothes, no music, no distractions, no interruptions I found myself in the zone.
It felt good.
It felt really good.
It felt great.

In this new place I made a discovery.
My new hoop was talking to me.
Yes it did, it talked to me.
It whistled with a delicious harmony that resounded in tune with my shoulder breaks and reversals.
I’ve never heard the sound before and I’m guessing my new hoop was displaying its specific personality.

Oh joy, a talking hoop, lucky me.

The harder I hooped the louder it whistled.
The faster I hooped the louder it whistled.
Surely I should have expected to pay more for a talking hoop.
Surely there should be some kind of special information that comes with a talking hoop.
I can only suppose that other people experience the same thing with this baby, I can only assume that the whistling accompaniment was just something that happened as a result of what I was doing with the thing I was doing it with.

Or was it?
Who knows?
Who cares?

It was fun, lots of fun and between you and me I’ve probably said quite enough about it now.



Saturday 25th October

Greetings from a chilly breezy London town
I’m so in love with my new magic hoop that I bought on Thursday.
Half an hour will never be enough with this baby, so I’m off to spin some more.
Ooh what fun.
Yay just five days to go, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 25 challenge check in on facebook


Not much to add, still in love with my new purchase, still in love with my new toy, still in love with spinning, still in love with my musical shoulder hooping, still in love with life.
Does it get better than this?
I think not.



Sunday 26th October

Greetings from London
I usually hoop in my local park on a Sunday morning but not today because I had a royal guest staying for the weekend, i.e. my daughter who lives a wonderful life away from London and well away from my hooping enthusiasm.
I did manage to persuade her admire my new hoop in action though which was fun, well at least it was fun for me.
More importantly I took advantage of her visit to share my new fun activity. Juggling!
I started juggling a couple of months ago to help my twin hoop coordination and I’m astonished at how much fun I’m having with it.
Amazingly my left side is sooooooo much better at throwing and catching and I’m convinced that it’s helping my hooping a huge amount.

Jenny – love your observations of ‘the stages’ I think you’re spot on
Che – ha ha you’re right, wings aren’t hoop friendly costume wear
Deborah – great mantra “keep on spinning, keep on spinning” I like it
Natasha – I share your excitement because this challenge has helped me get a grip on the flow of my second current too
Sandra – dog walking and hooping at the same time? Impressive!

wow everyone, we’re nearly there, four days to go, woo hoo!! CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 26 challenge check in on facebook



Yes my daughter is amazing. She supports my hobby and never complains about me showing her my new this and that with the circle. She is my inspiration and always has been even though she has no intention of being a circle lover like her mother which continues to be an admirable quality.

As for the juggling well I had to show her what I’ve been up to. I started in August and decided to give it a go in an effort to improve my coordination. I discovered that I love throwing the hoop and doing twin stuff which involves a fair amount of letting go and reconnecting with the circle and I discovered that often I succeeded with lots of moves until it was time to catch them and that was the time I lost it.

Also I decided to stop getting even a teeny weeny bit upset about so many people saying that hooping is a circus skill. I thought I might as well give another circus thing a go and started juggling for the dexterity benefits and for the fun of it.

My conclusion is that hooping makes me smile and juggling makes me laugh. I have no idea why but I find myself laughing out loud so many times in my attempts to control the simple things I’m trying to get my hands to do.

As for the left versus right thing, well I could say many things about that but I won’t. For now I’m going to settle with acknowledging that my left hand is now able to behave nearly like its right counterpart and I’m more surprised than anyone by the results of focus on simple things like throwing a ball a few inches in the air and catching it again.




Monday 27th October

Greetings from a glorious sunny day in London
my hooping mojo was in full swing this morning and without intending to, I got carried away.
Had the place to myself and went with the flow, just finished three hours mixing it up with a variety of hoops from my selection.
Their individual personalities led me to do soooooo many different things that I feel like I’ve travelled physically, emotionally and spiritually.
What a rush!
Time for lunch.

Janet – ‘odiferous’ – you’re hilarious
Sophie – hooping in the park after dark sounds like fun, I haven’t tried that yet but I’m going to soon
Jenny – elephants, pyjamas and multiple hoops – a wonderfully playful combo

Wow everyone, we’re nearly there, three days to go, woo hoo!!!
Have a fantastic day, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 27 challenge check in on facebook


Yes folks I actually hooped for three hours today.
It was crazy.
I could hardly stop myself, not that I even tried to, I was having fun and saw absolutely no reason to reign in the fun I was having. There would have been no point in that would there? That was a rhetorical question of course because I know the answer.

If it feels good, do it.

Just one of my mottos.



Tuesday 28th October

Greetings from London.
My home town was treated to a fabulously sunny day with gorgeous cloudless blue sky, not even a breeze just warm warm warm.
Entertained myself in the park with one of my naked polypros and had a party just me, my hoop, my music and my imagination.
A man smiled at me and shouted “You look like you’re having fun there!”
Of course I had to agree with him but I didn’t share what I was thinking about because that wouldn’t have been elegant or ladylike.

Janet – ooh you’re blessed with an excess of energy, managing to do oodles of housework plus hooping plus (considering) riding your new bike, I’m impressed
Sarah – thank you
Amber – ‘icky’ to ‘better’ is definitely the right way to go, well done
Deborah – ‘hooked enough to keep on going’ sounds like a result
Sandra – congratulations and thanks for sharing your secret…
Crixx – well done for switching it up, the variety is half the fun for me too
Mindy – I’m guessing your mind and body battle is over, they’ll connect big time tomorrow I’ll betcha
Nicole – and you all look soooooo  happy
Sophie – ‘hoopciting’ – great word
Jenny – stage four, five, six, seven…

Woah really only two days to go, only two days to go, no really, it can’t be only two days to go, really can it?
I think we’re all pretty amazing, every single one of us, bless you all, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 28 challenge check in on facebook



Maybe it’s taking part in this challenge that’s responsible but I’ve noticed I’m in a different place in my head when I’m playing.
I’m doing things without thinking about them. I’m drifting into moves unintentionally. I’m succeeding in moves that challenged me before.

Life is sweet.

Phew, that’s quite enough for today, thanks for joining me and I wish you a wonderful day of fun and laughter whatever you do.
Time for lunch, bless you all, CC xx


3 thoughts on “30/30 – Days 24, 25, 26,27 and 28

    • Hi there Kayla,
      thanks for reading and thanks for asking, you’re a sweetie.
      I treated myself to a hoop called Play ‘Perfect’ Hula Hoop, what a great name. It feels pretty perfect to me and does more than I want it to do so I’m happy.
      I talked about it in my previous post (day 23) when the class teacher let me borrow hers because I told her about a move I’d been working on but it was taking a long time coming.
      With her hoop it was much, much, much easier.
      I wanted to buy it from her but she needed it for a performance two days later.
      I couldn’t wait so I went to the shop the following day even though I was really tired.
      Now that I’ve bought my own “perfect” hoop, my leg hooping is heaps better, it seems to come back up on its own!
      Also, my shoulder hooping breaks and reversals have taken off to a new level.
      I feel like a new person and all because of this amazing purchase.
      Perhaps that’s the reason I was up at 6 o’clock this morning hooping, hooping, hooping…

      Of course there isn’t really such a thing as a ‘perfect’ hoop because different hoops are good for different things but this one has blown me away so here are the details…
      Hoop – http://www.oddballs.co.uk/play-perfect-hula-hoop-naked-2-sizes-available-p-3975.html
      Shop / online – http://www.oddballs.co.uk


      • Ohh yay!! How awesome, I looked at the hoop and it appears to be a polypro. You really have a hoop store you can go to? That’s awesome! Good luck on your journey, it seems you’ve already blossomed so much with your new hoop 🙂


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