30/30 – Days 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18


Tuesday 14th October

Greetings from London on this lovely day.
Woke up at 4, breakfast at 5, out for a walk at 6, hooped at home at 7 and finished by 8 ready for another breakfast!
I’ve always been a morning person and today I bounced out of bed with an urge to go for a walk before day break. I really enjoyed being out early.
Today’s first hooping session was much like yesterday all about the shoulders, shoulders, shoulders.
I’m glad I concentrated on shoulder hooping, I’m enjoying the feeling of some improvement. Not the whole time but that’s where my drill focus was, the rest was playing instead of practising.

Ady – hoop marks on the walls, how funny, I have those too
Che – I remember your sword hooping film from last week, it was impressive
Amber – happy birthday to your husband
Jamie – you sound like you’re doing brilliantly for someone who’s just started, I hooped at home for over a year before I ventured outside, so well done.

Have a great day everyone, only 16 to go, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 14 challenge check in on facebook


Oh yes, I’ve always been a morning person and I felt like I’d done a day’s work before other people were thinking about what to do next. Yes I get up early but I go to bed early too because I really like my sleep and rarely sacrifice it for, well anything really.

I laughed when I read someone else’s update that said she had ‘hoop marks on the wall’. I laughed because my beautiful white walls and ceiling all have different coloured scuff marks from the impact of my different coloured hoops. Well I think it’s funny anyway.

Thankfully I’ve managed to contain my enthusiasm a bit more so now the interior of my home doesn’t seem to be suffering quite as much. Of course my outside play is a great help and gets my desire to throw the hoop out of my system.



Wednesday 15th October

Woo hoo what an amazing day, hooped after work and now off out with friends for the evening.
Yay, we’re all half way through the challenge, just 15 days to go, have fun everyone, Carole from London xx


A few words I shared for my day 15 challenge check in on facebook



Yes my day was amazing but every day is like an adventure for me anyway so that is pretty much how I express my feelings for my day and I do my best to reach for that and not allow the unexpected or the unnecessary to negatively affect my day.

Didn’t go out after all which was fine by me because I had the fun of chatting to my wonderful daughter on the phone and enjoyed spinning a few more circles before I went to bed.



Thursday 16th October

Greetings from sunny London well it is now after a rainy start to the day.
Shoulder hooping breakthrough today, I’m quite proud of myself.
Spinning in my second current was ‘suddenly’ easier today.
Not that sudden really I’ve been working on this baby for months!
Anyway, I discovered that it was easier when I realised that I wasn’t counting just hooping.
Woo hoo! What a rush.

Ady – yay, your current shoulder hooping story sounds like mine, it feels great doesn’t it?
Tina – hooping in the dark, awesome!
Crixx – last few weeks and still energy to hoop, you’re a star
Susan – your mother sounds great
Jackie – ha ha palm spins feel like magic don’t they?
Nicole – I’m guessing cat, hoop, mug, smiling and love. Am I close?

Wow, I feel like I’m sharing this challenge with an amazing bunch of people, I love reading about how we’re all doing this together.
Bless you all, 14 days to go, Carole xx


A few words I shared for my day 16 challenge check in on facebook


Well, my intention is not to focus my blog attention on hooping challenges, achievements or frustrations but I feel the urge to share a few words about this shoulder hooping lark. It’s awesome!
For me the mindset had to change before I could even attempt to do what I can do now. I’m thrilled to bits that I stopped telling myself that I can only spin the hoop in one direction.

Woo hoo now I can happily shoulder hoop to the left and to the right, now that’s a result. I’m telling myself that if I keep at it, I can only get better and better.

I’ve done the same in many areas of my life, relationships, work, health and now shoulder hooping. I told myself I could do it first, gave it time and attention and now look. What a rush!



Friday 17th October

greetings from sunny London everyone, weaves and isolations today will play with some foot hooping later, 13 days to go, have a lovely day, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 17 challenge check in on facebook


Oh yes I mentioned foot hooping a few days ago, I love being able to add this to my playtime because at least it gives my body a rest because if I get carried away my body lets me know.

Everything in moderation right?

My children started saying that to me because I said it to them so often when they were growing up.
Funny how they accept the wisdom of it now.
I’m blessed that they listened.



Saturday 18th October

Greetings from London on this glorious day.
Played with my hoop after work, great way to get and stay in the zone.
Wow this concentration on my shoulder hooping is really paying off, I’ve taken myself to a place I thought was impossible when I started and now I’m surprising myself.
Woo Hoo! I’m off to make some delicious food and getting excited about tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing. I just love that show.
Have a fabulous day everyone, 12 to go, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 18 challenge check in on facebook


To be fair I have no trouble getting ‘in the zone’ because I incorporated meditation into my life several years ago now so it’s just something that I do without having to make time for it, there’s always time for it.

I love noticing that the mind empties easily while hooping too, I guess all that concentration on keeping the thing going really helps.

Of course there has to be more to it than that because when I started I just got frustrated with not being able to control the plastic tube.

Once again, it’s not what you’re doing that matters, it’s how you feel about what you’re doing that makes the difference.

Well, that’s all for today folks, thanks for visiting and have a wonderful time whatever you do.
Bless you all and bye for  now, CC xx


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