30/30 – Days 10, 11, 12 and 13


Friday 10th October

Greetings from a beautiful sunny day in London
Discovered that I actually can do barrel rolls when I’m in the park and not even trying.
Woo hoo, what a rush.
When I try at home it’s a completely different story, so I’ll have to see what happens next time, perhaps the park success was a fluke.
I’m enjoying sharing this challenge, reading about other people’s fun, frustration, ups and downs.
We’re all in this together folks.
Sandra – happy anniversary for yesterday
Traci – I’m a fan of The Big Bang too, I just love that show
Crixx – you’re quite an inspiration
Ady – hooping after salsa, wow you must be really fit
Amy – free practice room wow, they sound like lovely generous people
Yay 20 days to go, have fun, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 10 challenge check in on facebook


Yes I was in the park, in the circle, in the zone when I discovered that quite unintentionally I was whirling around engrossed in my music doing barrel rolls seemingly without any effort at all.
This was quite a discovery for me because when I try them at home they are a bit of a challenge.

So what’s the difference I wondered? Well maybe the clue is in the word ‘try’.

Interesting how this applies to so many things.
When we ‘try’ to make things happen they seem a long time in coming but when we let go, relax and allow things to happen, then they just appear in our lives.

This is a clear message I’ve learned on my spiritual path and I’m grateful for it and love how my love of hooping is a true demonstration of what I’ve learned all thanks to Abraham-Hicks



Saturday 11th October

Greetings from a warm evening in London hooped after work and now I’m off to watch Strictly Come Dancing.
I love that show, it’s just the best entertainment on television and another reason that I love this time of year.
19 days to go everyone, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 11 challenge check in on facebook


I like to think that I’m Strictly Come Dancing’s biggest fan but I somehow I think that may not be something I can prove.
I love the show and am totally devoted to it each year that it comes on our television.
I love the razzamatazz of it, I love the spectacle of it, I love the glitter, the sequins, the creativity, oh yes and the dancing is great.

I find it funny that even though I watch it avidly, devoted to the weekend shows and the weekday extra snippets of information and training footage, by the time the series finishes, I can barely remember who was on it.

By the following year I sometimes even forget who won the year before.
How is that even possible?

I guess that’s a by-product of living in the moment, being present and letting go of the past.
Seriously folks, if that’s the reason why I don’t recall stuff, then that’s fine by me.



Sunday 12th October

Greetings from London on this beautiful sunny autumn day.
I love Sunday mornings and really found my hooping groove in the park this morning before the rugby boys arrived.
They churn the grass up something fierce, which makes sense I suppose because they’re running around with studded boots on wet grass.
Had a chat with a dog walker I see regularly who wanted to tell me about a hooping competition she watched on TV and the show made her think of me. Ah how sweet.
I adore hooping outside and I’m getting in as much one handed helicopter practice as I can before the cold weather sets in.
I drop the hoop a lot doing this trick and there’s certainly no room at home for the amount of space I seem to need to TRY and do it.
I’ve been working on this move all summer, thanks to an amazing Lisa Lottie tutorial.
I really really want to be able to do it and it’s really really hard, so it’s taking me a really really long time but I really really don’t care because one day it will feel really really awesome.

I’m still enjoying this challenge and I love reading about how other hoopers are getting on.
Dot org – thanks for the info on the significance of the number 12, I might check out some of those magical references, they sound interesting.
Philo – dancing and hiking on the same day, wow that’s impressive.
Kristin – perhaps no room to hoop on your flight to India but the locals will love it when you arrive. Have fun.
Rachel –hooping in the foothills, the scenery looks beautiful around you in your lovely picture.
Crixx – love the hooping hanger, very creative.
Hannah – ooh you went Disneyland, I’ll bet you had a great time. I’ve never been but would love to go and I’m sure that if we had one in London I’d probably go every week!

Like I said before, we’re all in this together folks. I think we’re all amazing, 18 days to go, bless you all, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 12 challenge check in on facebook


Oh yes I do love Sunday mornings, I’ve always been a morning person, a character trait which was unacknowledged by me until I tried two month stretches of night duty ward allocations during my nurse training many moons ago.

I couldn’t work out why I was having such a hard time adjusting to the temporary timetable when my colleagues seemed to have no problems at all. Sleeping during the day was not working for me, so throughout the ordeal I felt worse and worse. Of course there was a certain amount of catching up which could be done during my days off but I was young, sociable and very active and didn’t really want to waste my days off by sleeping my way through them.

Somewhere along the line I attended a sleep seminar and a sleep workshop, they were a revelation to me. I understood more about the magic of sleep and I understood more about myself.

Then I discovered the Teachings of Abraham and the Law of Attraction and I learned not only the effects of sleep but the true meaning of sleep.

I have never compromised on sleep again, not once.

As for my one handed helicopter, well what can I say, I look forward to the day I can do it because even in this experimental, learning stage it feels like it wants to be my move already.

I’m eternally grateful to the fantastic Lisa Lottie, a star in her own right, who collaborated with the wonderful Deanne Love of Hooplovers and presented a one handed helicopter tutorial which set me off on the road to feeling more love for my hooping.
Let me say I still find it amazing that I could love this hobby more than I do but I keep coming across new dimensions to this circle creativity and I feel blessed.



Monday 13th October

Greetings from a wet and windy London town.
Today I had a session where it was all about the shoulder folks, shoulders, shoulders, shoulders.
I’m going for less wobble and more flow in both directions.
Let’s just say, it’s a work in progress.
Thanks to everyone for posting, your stories are wonderfully inspiring and entertaining.
Judy – 5 hours of hooping in the street with a giant hoop, wow!
Becca – sunset hooping sounds magical
Rachel – well done for teaching yourself a needle and wool skill, perhaps you’ll crochet and hoop at the same time one day.
Nicole – your long exposure picture is simply beautiful, you look like you’re in a bubble
Gennie – love your shy salsa partner idea, I had fun visualising that.
Sarah – you’re right, it’s never too late to start playing and that’s my excuse when my adult children tell me to grow up!
This challenge is quite a commitment and I think we’re all amazing for taking part.
Woo hoo! 17 days to go, CC xx


A few words I shared for my day 13 challenge check in on facebook



So when I started hooping I was incredibly proud of myself for being able to keep the circle thing going at all.
Then I learned how to hoop around my shoulders.
It took me months to get the hang of it but I got there.
Again I was immensely proud of myself for accomplishing something that seemed impossible for me at first and I only kept going because other people seemed to be able to do it, so why not me?

Then I saw people hooping in both directions not just on their waist but on the shoulders too. I tried it, couldn’t do it and didn’t bother any more.
I mean really, what was the point?
Why did I need to be able to hoop in both directions anyway?
I could already spin it in one direction so surely that was enough wasn’t it?

Like I said I was proud of myself for what I’d already achieved and didn’t see any sense in making myself feel less than wonderful by wishing I could do something I couldn’t.
Anyway, my excuse was that I don’t write with both hands so why should I force myself to hoop in both directions.

Well all of that was okay until I came across ‘breaks and paddles’.


They not only looked cool but I was convinced that they’d feel really great to do. So that was my reason for wanting to learn them.

It was back to the drawing board for me, I reset my brain to beginner mode and started training myself to hoop in my second current as it’s lovingly called in the hoopdance world.

What can I say? After months and months and months of trying, trying and trying as well as remembering to maintain my enthusiasm and not allow frustration to make an appearance, I can now shoulder hoop in both directions. What a rush!!!

Ooh now I’m so excited I want to go and shoulder hoop for a while.

Back soon, thanks for visiting and happy hooping everyone, CC xx


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