30/30 – Days 6, 7, 8 and 9


Monday 6th October

Greetings from London it’s a cold one here today folks, raining on and off which doesn’t bother me because I love the sound of it and I adore hooping in the rain.
I like the day 6 suggestion for meditation inspired hooping, so I’ve done some sessions of repeated shoulder, waist and leg hooping which really feels meditative especially to the music of
Sacred Earth Then I get into a flow and I’m not thinking about how I’m doing anything, or what I’m going to do next, I’m just in the zone and everything just is.
This 30/30 is so much fun, I love reading other people’s stories.
Ciao for now fellow challengers, love from CC xx

A few words I shared for my day 6 challenge check in on facebook


I feel blessed to have discovered that hooping is a meditation and I love the effects of getting into a flow and not thinking about stuff. It’s a wonderful state to of mind to get into and I enjoy giving myself the gift of taking the opportunity to experience this joy when I feel that way inclined.

As for the rain, like I said before, it just doesn’t bother me. As part of my learning about how the world works on my spiritual journey, I stopped carrying an umbrella several years ago and have never changed my mind about that decision.

Occasionally I remember the beautiful designs which are available on umbrellas and how they can be a pretty accessory but apart from that I hardly think about them. Besides, as far as accessories go, I’m more of a scarf girl.


Tuesday 7th October

Greetings from London on a beautiful, clear day.
I mostly concentrated on weaves and variations today, thanks to amazing tutorials from Deanne Love of
Hooplovers .
Big hallo to the lady who posted yesterday that her husband danced and juggled along with her while she hooped. How amazing is that? I thought it was great.
Have fun on your date Jennifer!
Sophie hooping by the sea to the sound of waves, wow that sounds magical!
Sarah, hope your ear feels better soon.
This is all so much fun, 23 days to go, have a super duper day everyone, CC xx

A few words I shared for my day 7 challenge check in on facebook


I’ve really been enjoying reading about other people’s thoughts as we share this challenge with each other around the world. It’s turning out to be quite a bonding experience.

I laughed when I read an update from a woman who said that her husband was dancing and juggling beside her while she hooped. I quietly thought to myself that she’s hit the jackpot to have a husband who can dance and has a playful side expressed by his juggling too. I may have to add that to list of the ideal partner.

The lady who said that she was hooping by the sea to the sound of waves made me think of taking myself off to the seaside for some circle time. I know that would be fun. I went to Bournemouth a couple of years in December, just because I wanted to be on the beach. The taxi driver and hotel receptionist thought I was crazy but it turned out to be a good plan. The sky could not have been bluer and I practically had the beach to myself apart from the odd dog walker in the distance. That was before my hooping days so maybe I’ll go again and take my toys with me. Perhaps not in December though!


Wednesday 8th October

Greeting from London on a chilly, bright, breezy, mixture of rain and sunshine Autumn day.
Today’s first session was mostly dominated by foot hooping, which I love now that I can do it comfortably.
I lie on my back and read at the same time, which feels like fun. I
had no idea it was possible until I saw a girl standing up, spinning a hoop with her foot at a London Hula Hoopers class last year.
She seemed to do it for ages and she looked super chilled out. It looked like magic to me.
I practised for weeks because I really wanted to be able to do it and now I love it. Tutorials by Hoopsmiles were a great help.
This 30/30 challenge is so much fun and sharing it with people all over the world is really inspiring.

I mean really, playing ukeleles, midnight hooping, tap dancing, deer audience and so loving the “flying frog’s butt” reference, well said Janet, I hope none of us lose our ‘childish joy’!
22 days to go, have a great day everyone, CC xx

A few words I shared for my day 8 challenge check in on facebook


So about that foot hooper at the London class, it really did look like magic to me because I’d never seen it before and she looked so comfortable. Perhaps it might be fair to say that she seemed to be in a trance with her foot just doing what it seemed to do so well. She just stood up leaning against the ropes of the boxing ring (yes that’s right I said boxing ring) with one leg out straight behind her and the hoop went round and round and round and round and… You get the picture.

Anyway, I was impressed and spent weeks trying to get to the place where I could just stop hitting myself on the head with the hoop when it flew out of control. I’m glad I stuck with it. Foot hooping is fun. .


Thursday 9th October

Greetings from London on a wet, wet, very wet day, with a few claps of thunder and the associated flashes of lightening.
I stopped carrying an umbrella many years ago, so I dodged the downpours on my way to and from a restaurant for a long, long, laughing lunch with a dear friend.
We’re on the same page spiritually so we have fun for hours eating great food and enjoying each other’s company.
Hooped early at home and took two mini hoops with me to the restaurant.
Converted two people to the joys of hooping, both surprised themselves with how much fun it was. It took me days to learn what they were able to achieve in a couple of minutes.
Told them about the 30/30 and they want to be part of it next year.
This challenge is so much fun and I’m loving the stories.
I’ve always liked the number 9, thanks for sharing the symbolism.
Nellie – good luck with your first hoop demo, I’m sure they’ll love it.
Suzette – I’ve no idea what those moves are, they sound tricky so well done. B
ig shout to J, J and J… Janet – keep going with the escalator and foot hooping, it’s so worth it and soon you won’t need the safety goggles!
Jennifer – the deer you hang out with obviously have good taste.
Jenny – sequences with three hoops! I’m impressed. Hey, I had fun with a family of squirrels in my local park too, in the spring early one morning before anyone else was around, four of them came out to watch me and their beady eyes were adorable.
21 days to go everybody, bless you all, CC xx

A few words I shared for my day 9 challenge check in on facebook


Well what can I say, it was a great day. My lunch was amazing as ever with my wonderful friend in a fantastic restaurant. We were there for about five hours and laughed so much that the time just disappeared without even noticing. The Jasmine tea is always a favourite of mine and the salads are exquisite. Just for a change they had a brussel sprout and onion stir fry which I knew I’d enjoy because the food is delicious every time I eat there.

I took a couple of 24inch hoops just for the fun of it and just waited to see if anyone felt inspired to have a go. I wasn’t disappointed. One of the staff had her introduction to twin hooping and took to it with very little effort as far as I could see.

It took me days to do what she managed to achieve. She said it was easier for her because I was right there with her, showing her what to do and perhaps my learning from on line material is a bit harder. Never mind, I’m grateful that the tutorials exist.

Someone else spun one hoop around her wrist, enjoyed the sensation of it and giggled with surprise. It was a joy to watch.

About those squirrels, one day I went to my local park early, very early to hoop and there was no one else around. I spotted a squirrel on a wall. It stopped and looked at me for a minute then disappeared into a gap in the bricks. Moments later another three came out and all four of them stood on the wall staring at me. I thought they were absolutely beautiful and their dark beady eyes looked so knowing. It was quite a moment for me.

Phew, that’s enough for now folks, back when the mood takes me, bless you all and have a great day, CC xx


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