30/30 – Days 3, 4 and 5


Friday 3rd October
Greetings from sunny London it’s a glorious day, cloudless blue sky, woke up to the sound of blue tits singing in my garden and feasting on the seeds in my bird feeder.
Not bad for someone who lives in England’s capital city.
Hooped today’s session this morning in the park and had a wonderful time as ever.
Chatted to the guy who clears the rubbish in the park every day.
Saw a guy watching me from a distance then he came over to chat, asked lots of questions about hooping, complimented me and he was impressed when I told him about the world wide 30/30 challenge.
Chatted to a guy whose adorable 12 week old puppy ran over to the hoop and wouldn’t let go, bless him.
Okay Philo, three things I like about the challenge are sharing with people who adore hooping, reading about people who adore hooping, sharing this sense of achievement with others who adore hooping.
What an amazing third day, this is so much fun.
27 days to go, woo hoo!
Have a great day everyone, Carole aka CC xx

Those were the words for my Day 3 facebook check-in


My session in the park was wonderfully eventful. Had a quick chat with the chap who cleans the park. I was surprised to see him because we’ve only bumped into each other before on Sunday mornings. Anyway it turns out that he’s there every day which really surprised me because I’m often there during the week too but I have no set routine, so seeing anyone on any day is just a matter of chance.
Or is it…

I was spinning in the middle of the field somewhere between the two rugby pitches when I noticed a chap some distance away, leaning against his bicycle, looking in my direction. I stopped, I waited, he cycled towards me and we had the most delightful conversation for quite a few minutes.

He said he’s seen me many times and noticed that I was ‘unpredictable’ with the days and times that I go there. I laughed because between you and me, I made a conscious decision a few years ago to be less predictable but perhaps more about that in another post.

He was polite, attentive and charming and seemed particularly interested in hooping. Although he was wonderfully complimentary he seemed to be under the misunderstanding that I am a rarity because “no one else does this!”

Well I had to enlighten him and I enjoyed his surprise when I told him about the world wide participation of the 30/30 challenge. He asked me to show him a hoop trick and I was happy to oblige. When he used the words ‘balance’ and ‘timing’ I was really impressed. I silently thanked the universe for sending me a wonderful man who is cheerfully chatty, listens attentively and speaks my language.

We talked for a while and it was fun but I’d gone to the park to play, not talk and wanted to get back into my flow, so I decided to wish him a nice day and off he went.

As soon as he’d cycled away I turned to find a puppy running straight for me. His poor owner didn’t stand a chance because the dog moved at quite a pace. He clamped my hoop in his teeth and refused to let go. His owner eventually caught up with him and prized his teeth away, then this cute canine clamped his teeth around the laces on my trainers. Luckily the man dealt with that too.

The man was most apologetic but I was too busy laughing and how could I be bothered by the most adorable, beautiful puppy in the world? He really was absolutely gorgeous and he let me stroke him which I suppose is easy when you’re only twelve weeks old.

By the time I came to post my facebook 30/30 challenge check in I was buzzing. I was having so much fun and sharing it with so many people, of course I was buzzing. The challenge organiser suggested that we say three things that we like about taking part and that was easy for me, adoring, sharing and achieving. What a day.


Day 4 Saturday 4th October

Greetings from London on Happy World Hoop Day, we’re currently enjoying a bright clear evening after a wet and still beautiful grey day.
Took a hoop to work this morning and indulged in some spinning, twirling and isopopping between clients with beautiful music by Sacred Earth as my inspiration.
It’s so much fun having a massive mirror in my reiki/massage room and I enjoyed today’s challenge very differently to when I’m at home or in the park.
Ooh this 30/30 project is so much fun and I love sharing this with so many wonderful and interesting people.
Yay 26 days to go, ciao for now, CC xx

Those were the words for my Day 4 facebook check-in


So I took a hoop to my therapy room, just a medium sized collapsible one to reduce the chances of being a menace on the bus. Hoops are not the easiest things to manage on public transport but perhaps more about some of those experiences another day.

At one point during the morning, a member of staff who works in the shop upstairs came down to see me with a message. When she saw the hoop her face lit up and she said,

“Oh yes I’ve been reading your stories about your hooping and the people you meet. I like reading them they keep me entertained.”

Well you could have knocked me down with the proverbial feather. This is a lovely lady who I’ve spoken to just a few times, perhaps seen once a week but we’d never had a conversation before. I knew nothing about her and had no idea that she was even aware of my Carole Chandler facebook page. I was overjoyed to discover that she was reads and likes my posts.

I enjoyed the advantage of a huge mirror to focus on isolations and weaves between clients and felt a different energy in my flow, probably greatly influenced by my choice of music on that day. I meditate to Sacred Earth music on a daily basis but don’t often hoop to it. I suppose I was in a reiki / massage frame of mind so had it in the background in my room and really enjoyed flowing differently.

divine devotion

The music of Sacred Earth is part of my daily life. There are selected tracks among the many of their albums in my collection, which I use for daily meditation and can always rely on them to bring me to the magical meditative state that I adore. I had the pleasure of meeting Prem and Jethro years ago when they were at London’s Mind Body Spirit festival and it would be an understatement to say that they made quite an impression on me.



Sunday 5th October

Greetings from London, woke up to a beautiful sunny blue sky this morning and after a quick breakfast was in the park by about 8 o’clock.
Quick chat with a few dog walkers who I often see on Sundays, they’re always really friendly and fascinated by the hoop.
When they left a few minutes later I had the whole park to myself and even though it was cold in the shade, today’s session was magical especially in the warmth of the occasional stream of sunshine between the trees.
When I go outside I love the space to work on tosses, I just love throwing my hoop in the air and achieving a sense of control on the descent.
This 30/30 challenge is so much fun, I mean where else do we get to share our passion with so many interesting people, including pregnant hoopers, sword hoopers and juggling hoopers?
The internet is a wonderful thing.
Yay 25 days to go, ciao for now, CC xx

Those were the words for my Day 5 facebook check-in


Sunday morning in the park has always been easy for me. Before I found my hooping groove I used to cycle in the common early on Sunday mornings or go for a walk but I’d invariably be out and about early.

The dog walkers I see regularly now are a trio of ladies who meet and chat while their dogs chase balls bring them back and chase after them again. Funny how dogs love doing that isn’t it?

art a bit 005

It was a cold day and the sun streamed through between the trees on parts of the grass. If you look closely at this picture you’ll see that there’s still frost on the dark parts of the green where the sun hasn’t warmed it up yet. That’s how early I was.

One of the reasons I go early on a Sunday to do what I do, where I do it, is because lads play rugby in the same park and while I’m sure they don’t mind me being there, it’s obviously more fun for me to have the park to myself before they arrive.

By this day 5 of the facebook check in, I’m so enjoying this whole thing that it seems like the entire world is doing it. I mean really, I’ve met someone juggling three hoops, someone hooping and dancing with a sword at the same time and someone while she’s growing a baby.

As if that isn’t enough I’ve met amazing people doing amazing things in other parts of the globe. Check this out Marseilles first Annual World Hoop Day

I might never have known anything about this demonstration of pure love and generosity it if not for this challenge.

Phew, that’s quite enough for today folks, I’m off to have a well-earned cup of tea. Bless you all and have a super duper day, CC xx


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