30/30 – Days 1 and 2

So the last day of September I was browsing the world wide web and I found myself on www.hooping.org (always a great place for hoop inspiration), when I saw the words OUR FALL 30/30 HOOPING FUN & FITNESS CHALLENGE:

The article said lots of wonderful things that grabbed my attention and when it mentioned the words ‘fun and love and support’ my immediate reaction was, “Hell yes, count me in!” Before I knew what I was doing and certainly without thinking it through, I’d added my name to the list and registered as a participant.

A few minutes later I had a little panic to myself and believe me, that isn’t something I do often. The panic was not about the hooping itself because I had no concerns at all about that. My hesitation was about checking in every day because anyone who knows me is used to the fact that I don’t go online every day. I can go for weeks without checking my emails and think nothing of going several days without logging on at all.

Anyway, I decided to just run with the initial response of how much it felt like a good idea and trusted that all would be well.


Wednesday 1st October
It’s a cool cloudy afternoon here in South London and the first session of my commitment to the 30/30 challenge passed quickly with a mixture of hooping stuff, while watching Gene, Donald and Debbie in ‘Singing in the Rain’. What a great movie. Woo hoo, 29 days to go, CC xx

Those are the words I shared for my Day 1 facebook check-in


So sometimes I hoop to music, sometimes in silence, sometimes I watch a film and the first day found me enjoying some fantastic dancing and singing in this great Gene Kelly movie. I’m also a Donald O’Connor fan and I’ve watched his ‘make ‘em laugh’ routine more times than I can remember. He’s brilliant. Time always passes quickly for me when I’m hooping and the 30 minutes part of the commitment is a doddle.

After I posted a few words for my confirmation of participation in the challenge, I discovered that I enjoyed reading about other people’s thoughts on the first day.

A thought came to me, hey, perhaps I might enjoy this.


Thursday 2nd October
It’s a beautiful bright sunny day here in London, gorgeous blue sky with a few fluffy clouds. Everything looks so pretty and I hooped today’s session at home before breakfast. Born in London, love holidays in the country but will always be a city girl. Became intoxicated with hooping about two years ago and make no apologies to anyone for how much I love it. My adult children have a thing or two to say about my hobby but never mind. It’s so much fun doing this challenge with so many interesting people, it’s really easy to feel inspired by people’s wonderful stories. 28 days to go, bless you all, CC xx

Those are the words I shared for my Day 2 facebook check-in


So on the second day I began the way I begin many a day, I bounced out of bed grabbed a hoop and started spinning before doing anything else. I always have hoops in my bedroom, so sometimes I’m hooping before I get out of bed! Trust me, trying to control the circle around your body on an unsteady surface is quite a task.

The challenge organiser suggested we share a few words about ourselves, which I thought was a great idea and added to the fun of reading about other people taking part in the project.

I realised that I’m beginning to really enjoy this and somehow it feels like we’re really sharing it with each other.

That’s enough for today folks, thanks for joining me here at the beginning of my October fun with other hoop fans taking part in this challenge.

More to come soon, have a great day, CC xx


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